Tuesday, October 6, 2009

First batch of photos:

Roberta and Susie:
Roberta's banner and cheerleaders:
Sunday Dinner:
Roberta and Halloween:
Jeter, Roberta, Halloween and Skeezix:
Food Lady, RayPod's Mom, Roberta, Guido's Mom and Bruce's Mom (post walk):

Skeezix, Bruce, Guido and Jeter, post-walk:
Closing Ceremony:
Tracy's Bast Tatt, Skeezix, Bruce and Jeter:
Food Lady and Roberta:

RayPod's mom, Bruce's Mom, Guido's Mom:
All da flat cat cheerleaders:

Monday, October 5, 2009

Help Support Roberta

This blog will be a public bulletin board to coordinate the festivities during the time Roberta is here for her 60-mile Breast Cancer Walk.

If you're one of her cheerleaders, please leave a comment on the corresponding posts to indicate if you're planning on attending that day's events so that we can look for you.

IMPORTANT!! If you'll have a car and are willing to play taxi to out-of-town cheerleaders, leave that in your comment as well.

Please join us on Facebook, if you're a member.

Spectator Info is here.