Monday, October 5, 2009

Help Support Roberta

This blog will be a public bulletin board to coordinate the festivities during the time Roberta is here for her 60-mile Breast Cancer Walk.

If you're one of her cheerleaders, please leave a comment on the corresponding posts to indicate if you're planning on attending that day's events so that we can look for you.

IMPORTANT!! If you'll have a car and are willing to play taxi to out-of-town cheerleaders, leave that in your comment as well.

Please join us on Facebook, if you're a member.

Spectator Info is here.

1 comment:

  1. Hey ladies, We will be heading up to SF earlier than we thought on Thursday. Do you want to try to hook up for lunch? We were thinking about Ti Couz, which is on 16th Street near Valencia. Karen, can you email me your cell number? Thursday pm we are having dinner at Angkor Borei on Mission at Cortland. We are going to make a reservation for 6pm. We currently have a party of five. (including Milagrito's Mom from Catster) Let us know if you want to join us so I can up the reservation.